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Contingent Workforce

We can help our clients lower administrative cost associated with contingent workers allow client to continue to invest in their products and services. We also support organizations which regularly require additional staff members for short-term projects, the risk of costly employee turnover decreases with use of contingent workers, thus freeing up additional resources for new projects.

Technocraft’s workforce solutions is the most innovative, efficient, and cost-effective. Through decades of experience, we have developed and refined every step in the staffing fulfilment lifecycle and Workforce management practice.

  • Quick Turnaround
    We can have fastest turnaround time without compromising on quality.
  • Risk Mitigation
    We streamline high-quality candidates to meet your specifications and exceed expectations.
  • Cost Effective
    Our tailored solutions can benefit in competitive pricing to find specialized talent.

If your company is in need of high-quality talent at a reduced cost compared to full-time staff, consider reaching out to Technocraft Team today. 

Direct Placement

Technocraft Solutions has helped organizations to find talented permanent employees for over decade. To ensure you will always receive the excellent service both in terms of safety and performance, we invest in our team through Technocraft in-house training. We always provide with a personal approach where Technocraft representative takes the time to know the company and the role thoroughly, ensuring each candidate put forward is a right fit. We know how to find exceptional candidates that will fit your organization, regardless of level or background, our recruiting professionals will work with you to find the right candidates for you. We have our exclusive database of more than 500,000 niche technology specialists, your dedicated account manager will manage your permanent recruitment process from beginning to end and find you the perfect hire fast.
We worked with retail to healthcare, banking to manufacturing, telecom to transportation, government to not-for-profit, our teams deliver tech talent across a wide range of industries all across the United States of America.

Project Staffing OR Statement of Work

Technocrafth provides full project team staffing services or SOW. This type of engagement is a relationship between an established talent partner and a client that requires certainty in their project outcomes We will hire a complete team for you within cost structure and a set time frame. The service includes a complete end to end project hiring from sourcing to on-boarding for different roles and experience levels. Our team gives clients an edge by applying proven hiring project methodologies that save time and cost. We will deploy a single point of contact (SPOC) to manage the complete recruiting and on-boarding process of the team.

Managed Service Provider

Our Managed Service Provision manages the Contingent recruitment for an organization and is responsible for the end-to-end management of the contingent workforce – from supplier management to strategic workforce planning. Our MSP programs can be customized, planned, managed and implemented in a manner that truly reflects your organization’s needs. MSP programs manage your contingent staffing program in a way that is both cost-effective and compliant. Similar to recruitment process outsourcing programs, Managed Service Provider is one of the most cost-efficient ways for a business to manage its contingent workforce. Addition to Procurement of employees our MSP can perform human resources services like conflict resolution, performance reviews, and much more. One of the most visible advantages a client sees from working with MSP Service is that it simply makes the process easier and cost effective.

If your company is in need of high-quality talent at a reduced cost compared to full-time staff, consider reaching out to Technocraft Team today.

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