Physical Therapy Assistant

Under the supervision of Physical therapist, Physical therapist assistant’s job involves helping patients with their treatment, which may include exercises, massages, electrical stimulation and ultrasound application.

Technocraft Solutions is handling every aspect of the consulting process, we can focus your efforts on providing high-quality Physical Therapy Assistance.Experience a caring, personal touch with Preferred from Reception to Payroll. Your relationship with Preferred will be uniquely nurtured with care and respect enhanced by our ability to match you quickly and effectively with the best assignments.

We provide contract, temp-to-perm, per-diem, and direct placement of Physical therapy assistants to hospitals, outpatient facilities, and clinics all over the US.

Clients use Thechnocraft Solutions service to ensure excellence and continuity in patient care. We provide skilled and experienced Physical therapy assistants to fulfill whatever workforce needs your facility may have, whether it’s census related, change of internal staff, staff on vacation or absences, holidays, long-term patient treatment and more.