Solutions to Support IT Business Strategies

Technological innovations have brought on challenges that may leave you wondering if your company still has the competitive edge, the information structure, and the conceptual drive to successfully take on new challenges. Businesses have been consumed in a digital revolution. But how can you implement an innovative enterprise solution if you don’t fully understand how these technologies fit your needs?  How do they enhance your existing systems?  How do you dismantle outdated processes and incorporate new ones without losing valuable time?

Technocraft Solutions will guide your company to virtual and dynamic solutions implementing strategies suited for your company’s needs. Our trained consultants are not bound to one source of knowledge, because we understand that the right solution requires a complete understanding of the new technologies and their integration into your company’s vision.

  • ERP Technocraft Solutions provides business acumen in a broad range of industries from Inventory and Supply Chain Management and Distribution to Finance, Communications, Manufacturing, and Government. ERP Services are centered on Business Process Optimization and the needs of the client. Our ERP Consulting Services team is with our customers to deliver results, and our planning and benchmark documents place Project Control firmly in the hands of management.more
  • CRM Your human resources, finance, procurement, marketing, enrollment management and sales systems are vital to the life of your business. But are these ERP, CRM and other systems integrated, seamless and operating at their full potential?more
  • Business Consulting BI systems combined with data warehouse management initiatives can help transform your operational system data into an analytical system data structure that supports your business needs. This structure enables business executives to obtain a historical view of operational data, thus reducing the burden on your IT resources and enabling executives to make proactive decisions instead of reactive ones.more
  • Mobile Solutions Mobility means different things to different people, but everyone agrees that migration to mobile devices is rapidly increasing. As revenue from mobile data begins to exceed revenue generated by fixed-voice data, organizations are realizing the impact to their businesses and are leveraging this migration by mobilizing to accelerate business cycles, increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and extend the reach of their enterprises. Organizations positioned to accommodate the growing demand for Internet via mobile devices are expected to gain market share and a stronger customer base.more 

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