Quality Assurance

Testing is a large part of any software development project and has become integral to SDLC, in order to assure reliable software. Our comprehensive testing services span across a myriad of industries, and our capabilities include traditional systems, point-of-sale machines, and mobile phones and embedded systems.

Independent QA and testing is proven and allows for a better control of the quality of the application, makes better evaluation of the software's compliance with the original requirements fast and easy and helps end-users understand an insight to the product’s convenience use.

You don’t have to wait for the development process to finish to start testing your software product. Application should be tested before its final implementation, and even more importantly it will enhance your overall user satisfaction and improve your software quality. In fact QA testing should occur simultaneously with the development process, and this will help save up to 50% of cost and considerable amount of time needed for debugging.

Quality that we ensure including

Reliability: all data and systems will remain consistent throughout.

Stability: your software will be less likely to crash in the event of erroneous behavior.

Portability: your software will be able to adapt and work on several platforms.

Maintainability: we make it easy for you to maintain all software and system networks.

Usability: user interfaces make your site easily navigable.

Security: locate security vulnerabilities.

Our services include a wide variety of testing methods, from simple manual tests to the more complex automated techniques. Our primary goal is to locate and remove all defects from our partners’ software and IT systems. In fact, we make it the foundation of our business. To get the best results, we work directly with our clients and tailor each project to meet the unique needs of your company, ensuring high quality results.

We also make it our goal to improve and expand our services for our clients. As a specialist provider of testing services, we offer integrated manual and automated test practices that can be uniquely tailored to meet each project’s individual needs.