We offer specialized services to transform your enterprise as agile and competitive. 

Business Process Management consultancy is at the core of such offerings.

Technocraft Solutions and successful BPM roll-out in turn depends on Services Oriented Architecture (SOA).We help enterprise components to expose functionality as a service which eases business process deployment across the enterprise. Composite processes can be assembled from individual service oriented components. Availability of such fine-grained functionality across the enterprise paves way for rapid BPM roll-out. Such agility helps to create new business processes or modify existing business processes.

Technocraft Solutions follows a mature implementation methodology and offers a variety of services to assist clients at every step of an BPM - Strategy, Assessment & Roadmap, Governance, Services Discovery & Enablement, Process Orchestration, establishing Center of Competence, technical & management implementation of the project, and even post-implementation support. Our consultants bring best practices and work with you to define your business space, orchestrate your business processes and architect and deliver an industry best solution.

When do you need BPM?

You should consider BPM seriously, when one or more of the following is true for your organization:

  • increasing complexity of business processes rendering reduced visibility for decision makers
  • inability to rapidly modify business processes, to remain competitive in business
  • inability to rapidly structure new business processes to avail emerging business opportunities
  • Multiple processes for same or similar task, with total inconsistency among them

Service Offerings

 Technocraft Solutions offers end-to-end service offerings in BPM implementation, as below:

  • Map the end-to-end "as-is" process model
  • Identify measurable parameters of the business process
  • Define the process data model with data flows across process sub-systems
  • Define process end points where it interfaces with other process areas
  • Identify business process optimization possibilities
  • Develop the "to-be" process model with defined business events
  • Define application integration end points (service contracts or adapters)
  • Selection and sizing of a BPM platform
  • Monitor performance and roll out into production
  • Assessment of SLAs and KPIs for BAM interface [Business Activity Monitoring]
  • Support and maintenance of the solution
  • Extensive documentation and user training are embedded in every step of the way.

Center of Excellence

Our BPM Center of Excellence (CoE) has been instituted to help our clients embrace the latest BPM technologies and best practices to optimize their BPM applications. Typically formed as a joint team from Advent Global and the customer organization, the team establishes best practices, process modeling, architecture guidelines, technology frameworks and best practices, and knowledge portal. The BPM CoE aims to increase efficiency and productivity of BPM projects by:

  • Process modeling standardization
  • Architecture and coding standardization
  • Creating reusable components
  • Developing best practices
  • Leveraging existing SOA and BPM technologies
  • Rationalizing BPM platforms and tools on an enterprise-wide scale, and
  • Building a knowledge portal