Cloud Services

Our focus is to provide IT consulting services in the areas of Infrastructures Management,Operations & Cloud Computing (Public, Private and Hybrid) that leverages our proven solution delivery framework.Our Infrastructure operations services help customers optimize their cost through consolidation, virtualization, standardization and automation of IT Processes.

The result is improved efficiency, quick time to market and agility in day-to-day operations. We provide IT services to

  • Evaluate current state
  • Analyze the optimal solution (technology and cloud service providers)
  • Design Infrastructure Blue Print
  • Build Platform and system integration
  • System Test
  • Application Migration in cloud

Operational Support
Our expert SME and consults will benchmark their clients’ experiences to develop a customized path for achieving goals and guaranteeing a successful Cloud implementation within a short time frame.
We partner with various cloud service providers and technology enablers to ensure our clients are getting the most benefits from the best practices already implemented and supported by them at various client locations. Service offerings Adroit Resources provides consulting and IT solutions & technology development services to their customers in following areas -

  • Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Compute, Storage, Network, Security administration, Identity Management
  • Application & Database Migration in cloud (Enterprise and third party softwares)
  • IT Services Integration in cloud (External, Internal, Hybrid)
  • Cloud Governance & Audit Process

Assess -> Proof of Concept -> Define Strategy -> Design -> Integrate or Deploy -> Cost Realization -> Measure -> Improvements -> Rollout -> Implement IT Service Management (ITSM) framework -> Roll out supplemental services (Disaster Recover, High Availability, Fail over / Load balancing, Network enhancements, API, Integration)

Value Proposition
With today’s fast paced nature of businesses with global and distributed commerce, companies of all sizes have to collaborate, share and exchange information with a growing complex ecosystem of divisions, partners and customers. Most companies want to increase customer reach, provide solutions faster, meet growing demands of their customers, and communicate electronically in real time..
The Cloud Services & Technology domain has the potential to help almost any business to increase time to market, lower costs, streamline operations and invest more into new innovative business. But navigating through the “so far unstandardized cloud industry”, various cloud hosting options, technologies and infrastructure providers can be a daunting task. Selling the idea internally, architecting the best solution, determining ROI and setting your plan into action can be an even greater challenge. Adroit Resources’ Cloud Analysis Service Framework allows you to gain the expertise of our “cloud technology certified” consultants, technology enablers & partners and our proven methodologies to give you the best services you need. Adroit will work with you to gather your requirements, develop use cases & assess readiness by leveraging existing IT infrastructure & services, work within your budget and provide you with best suitable Cloud options. We will then perform a “Proof of Concept” (1-2 months duration) by taking one of your simple applications and integrate/deploy it in cloud to show tangible benefits. Post POC phase, we will design and architect a solution that bridges the gap between current state and future desired state. The resulting roadmap, cloud initiative strategy and business case will give you the artifacts you need to sell or promote your idea internally and start on the execution / implementation phase with full Cloud integration.

Cloud Technology Partners

  • Cloud Infrastructure –, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Rackspace,, Terremark, Cloupia, Cisco, VM Ware, HP, CA, IBM, AT&T
  • Cloud Provisioning and Orchestration – BMC Cloud Life Cycle Management, Cloupia CUIC, ManageIQ, Abiquo
  • Business Intelligence/Analytics/Data Warehouse cloud solutions – Hadoop, MongoDB, AsterData, Vertica, Pentaho, Apache, Talend, CloudEra, RightScale
  • Cloud Security, Network and Web Site Performance solutions – Egnyte,, CloudAccess
  • Open Source Technologies – Apache, Joomla, Drupal, NGINX, Shibboleth, Linux, MySQL, Tomcat, RedMine