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Technocraft Solutions, is a IT Consulting Company that specializes in providing quality IT Services to the organization's information technology needs using the optimal mix of internal staff and outside consulting resources. Today, Technocraft is focused in delivering world-class IT solutions to several clients across the world.

The new world of business and corporate strategy has a thirst for variety and complexity of interpretations of information outputs generated by information systems and technology. This variety plays a pivotal role in deciphering the multiple worldviews of the uncertain and unpredictable future. Strategies for surviving in the new world of business cannot be 'predicted' based on a 'static' picture of information residing in the company's databases or individual mindsets. Rather, such strategies will depend upon developing interpretive flexibility based upon diverse and multiple interpretations of the future. In this perspective, the objective of business strategy is not to indulge in long-term planning of the future, but all plans will need a high level of adaptability and flexibility as they are challenged by changing dynamics of the business environment, changing market trends, and shifting competitive landscapes.

Technocraft Solutions provide the right combination of outsourcing and project services to deliver the greatest business value to Clients by providing services in.

  • IT Consulting Want to add a value to your company? We are there at your service. With your existing IT resources,we can add great value to your upcoming business projects. You will realize immediate increase in productivity, flexible allocation of resources and cost savings.more
  • Application Management Custom Application Development requires domain-expertise, in-depth technical skills, established infrastructure, and IT Operations support. With our qualified and certified developer base, infrastructure, and state-of-the art development workbench, Technocraft Solutions deploys a development factory approach to ensure standardization and offer cost-effective and innovative application development and maintenance solutions aligned to customer business needs.more
  • Data Management Data is one of the most important assets of any organization, yet many derive only  a portion of the value of their information. Often the real value of information can only come from synthesizing a variety of fragmented sources — figures housed in a spreadsheet here, records in a database there, or a critical narrative in a misplaced management report. Typically, the various fragments are known and accessible to only certain individuals — and by the time someone is able to hunt down all the data they need from these disparate sources, the initial opportunity may have passed, or the information may have already become out-of-date. At Technocraft Solutions, we offer flexible, affordable data management consulting services, customized for each client’s unique objectives.more
  • BPM Technocraft Solutions and successful BPM roll-out in turn depends on Services Oriented Architecture (SOA). We help enterprise components to expose functionality as a service which eases business process deployment across the enterprise. Composite processes can be assembled from individual service oriented components. Availability of such fine-grained functionality across the enterprise paves way for rapid BPM roll-out. Such agility helps to create new business processes or modify existing business processes.more
  • Quality Assurance Testing is a large part of any software development project and has become integral to SDLC,  in order to assure reliable software. Our comprehensive testing services span across a myriad of industries, and our capabilities include traditional systems, point-of-sale machines, and mobile phones and embedded systems.Independent QA and testing is proven and allows for a better control of the quality of the application, makes better evaluation of the software's compliance with the original requirements fast and easy and helps end-users understand an insight to the product’s convenience use.more
  • Cloud Services Our focus is to provide IT consulting services in the areas of Infrastructures Management,Operations and Cloud Computing (Public, Private and Hybrid) that leverages our proven solution delivery framework.Our Infrastructure operations services help customers optimize their cost through consolidation, virtualization, standardization and automation of IT Processes.more
  • EcommerceTechnocraft Solutions’s comprehensive eCommerce solutions and services facilitate rapid and sustainable value, maximize revenues and build invaluable customer loyalty from consulting and implementation to migration, support and custom development.Without question, more than any other factor, customers are responsible for determining the level of success any business can attain. By making superior customer service a priority and leveraging the awesome power of a positive customer experience, your business can achieve a distinct and sustainable advantage over the competition. more

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